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  • Speman
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Speman is a 100% effective herbal medicine that works by reinforcing the production of sperm quality in a man
  • This super effective herbal solution does not lead to any side effects or any sort of adverse reactions
  • It helps in dealing with the entire seminal weakness for boosting up the overall sensual abilities in minutes


Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Available Dosage & Format:

  • The Speman Pills  is a herbal solution that that is highly recommended for oral consumption as 2 pills twice a day Along with meals
  • This medicine is highly recommended for oral consumption for acting on the body's organs and it takes absolutely no time for delivering effectiveness

The component in Speman tablets includes Hygrophilia, Cowhage, and Small Caltrops. These ingredients perform by boosting up sperm count and enhancing the quality of semen. The pill does the job by boosting up LH-FSH-producing basophil cells in the pituitary. It also helps in enhancing the sexual desire and sustaining penile erection for that perfect lovemaking session without any chance of breakdowns.

Trusted and effective round red pills branded as Speman are known for overcoming penile failure as they work effectively soon after oral intake. In beginning consume just 2 pills twice a day with meals (2 pills during/post-lunch and 2 during/post-dinner). You can gradually lower the dosage to one pill twice a day after your heavy meals. Swallow the conventional tablet form of medicine with water for maximum outcomes. Altering the state of medicine shall lower its effective outcomes.

The super-effective red pill is known among impotent men as it might allow men to boost up sexual desire and sustain a penile erection for a longer time. Medicine when consumed as prescribed help in gaining maximum safe outcomes.

Side Effects:
Herbal medicine Buy Speman is a safe, herbal ayurvedic solution that has been well documented for its ability for maintaining a healthy sperm count, sperm quality, and sperm morphology. This pill does not lead to any side effects or drug interactions when consumed as prescribed.


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